Katy McArthur Communications Manager - CT3
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About This Project

Katy McArthur

Communications Manager


Katy joined CT3 after her time as a founding staff member and Academic Dean at Success Academy Upper West charter school in New York City. During her tenure with Success Academies, Katy committed herself to fostering strong relationships, engaging families, and maintaining a school culture of high expectations that helped to distinguish the incredibly diverse school as one of the state of New York’s most successful primary schools. Under Katy’s leadership, the school consistently maintained the network’s strongest school culture data. Previous to her career in education, Katy developed a keen sense of world-class customer service and exemplary business standards during her time as an event planner with The Walt Disney Company. She enjoys volunteering her time as a tutor and child advocate, and loves to read young adult fiction, watch Survivor reruns, and dance.

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