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Classroom Management Quiz

As we work with educators around the country, we like to size up their perception about classroom management. Here’s a quick way to see how well you align with the research.

1. Classroom management is about 

A) Control
B) Communication
C) Creating quiet
D) Empowerment

The correct answers are B and C. At CT3, we believe in the No-Nonsense Nurturer framework that empowers educators all across the country with classroom management moves that are rooted in life-altering relationships and effective communication between student and teacher. When teachers have the right mindset about their students’ potential, both parties are empowered and achieve at high levels.

2. What are the following components of effective classroom management? 

A) High expectations
B) Clear consequences and incentives
C) Emotional support
D) Student accountability 

Congratulations! All of these answers are correct. We sometimes run into educators who struggle to hold their students accountable, and others who have a “sink or swim” attitude. The most effective classroom managers balance high expectations with the emotional support and high levels of care that come from the strong relationships they have with their students. These No-Nonsense Nurturers are crystal clear communicators.

3. What is the hallmark of a well-managed classroom?

A) Student engagement
B) High growth
C) High proficiency
D) Perfect student attendance

The correct answer is A. The hallmark of a well-managed classroom is 100% student engagement, for 100% of students, 100% of the time. The engagement No-Nonsense Nurturers elicit has a direct correlation to high growth, which is necessary for high proficiency. When students are engaged, disruptive behaviors decrease and attendance improves dramatically.

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