School Teachers

Our core values:

  • Center youth. Serve the best and highest interests of all scholars by centering historically marginalized scholars.
  • Activate integrity. Maintain personal, professional, and fiscal ideals in the face of oppressive systems. Speak truth to power and always bring power to that truth. Ensure these ideals are part of our work in dismantling oppressive systems.
  • Require excellence. Hold self, teammates, and partners to preeminent standards that remain unshaken by consequence. Require meaningful relationships, success for historically marginalized scholars, and centering the global majority in all of our work.
  • Practice humility. Approach all interactions and decisions with partners and one another with the expectation of learning and improving. Recognize our biases, prejudices, and privilege as a way of relinquishing them to ensure other perspectives exist at the center of this important work.
  • Demonstrate care. Build relationships with partners and teammates; solicit and give frequent feedback; sustain the team and personal needs. Confirm vulnerability and confidence coexist as keys to ensuring everyone receives and provides support consistently.
  • Be anti-racist. Question and evaluate oppression based on race constantly; deconstruct the personal and structural behaviors, systems, and policies that support oppression; build equitable replacements that create a more racially just world.

Join Our Team

CT3’s mission is to transform the quality and culture of education for youth in traditionally disenfranchised communities. CT3’s core values support the transformative work we know is possible, necessary and deserved for youth and educators across our nation. CT3 is a high-growth company improving student outcomes at scale. From our years on the ground and in the classroom, we have considerable expertise helping teachers and school leaders in educational communities succeed on day one. We partner with these communities to create anti-racist environments where life-altering relationships between students and teachers can grow. We develop the strengths and talents of educators through coaching and high-value professional development that builds educator capacity through improved pedagogy. Our approach transforms classrooms by supporting the effective creation of classroom cultures that drive academic excellence for all students. The way we coach strategies ensures they are more than effective, they’re transformative.

We offer a variety of benefits for CT3 Team Members.

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