Our Mission

The CT3 Education Mission: CT3 transforms the quality and culture of education for youth, especially those in traditionally disenfranchised communities.

Our Vision

Become the MOST EFFECTIVE professional learning organization: building capacity WITH our partners to implement anti-racist practices and dismantle the systemic structures that have historically impeded self-confidence and academic outcomes among historically disenfranchised youth.

At CT3, we believe…

… every child deserves a world-class education from teachers who are dedicated to student well-being and success.

… teachers who learn about, honor, and leverage the cultural knowledge, experiences, and frames of reference of their students—and their students’ communities—make learning more relevant and effective.

… all students are capable of engaging with challenging curriculum and can meet or exceed rigorous expectations.

… building positive relationships, culturally relevant practices, and empowering mindsets are essential when serving youth.

… students thrive in classrooms where they feel safe, valued, cared for, and have a sense of membership and investment.

… an asset-based school culture where feedback is transparent and in real time supports high levels of achievement for educators and students.

… every teacher can be a positive role model and change agent in students’ lives and has the ability to become a No-Nonsense Nurturer®.

… a successful school leader is THE agent of change for a school.