CT3’s mission is to transform the quality and culture of education for youth in traditionally disenfranchised communities. CT3’s core values (below) support the transformative work we know is possible, necessary and deserved for youth and educators across our nation. CT3 is a high-growth company improving student outcomes at scale. From our years on the ground and in the classroom, we have considerable expertise helping teachers and school leaders in educational communities succeed on day one. We partner with these communities to create anti-racist environments where life-altering relationships between students and teachers can grow. We develop the strengths and talents of educators through coaching and high-value professional development that builds educator capacity through improved pedagogy. Our approach transforms classrooms by supporting the effective creation of classroom cultures that drive academic excellence for all students. The way we coach strategies ensures they are more than effective, they’re transformative.


Provide on-site and virtual professional learning for school leaders, instructional leaders, coaches, and classroom teachers. Responsibilities include working collaboratively with CT3 team members to assess partner needs; coaching leaders, coaches and teachers to more powerful anti-racist pedagogical, cultural and leadership practices; facilitating professional learning to reach specified outcomes, and; using CT3 methodologies, tools, technologies, and professional learning protocols. Associates are expected to: 

  • Train leaders, teachers, and other school personnel in using the No-Nonsense Nurturer (NNN) Four-Step Model to support student engagement and achievement
  • Train teachers and coaches to use CT3’s Real Time Teacher Coaching (RTTC) Model to support the effective classroom integration of NNN mindsets and pedagogical strategies focused on integrating life-changing teacher-student relationships into engagement, pacing, press, and rigor
  • Provide ongoing support to coaches on-site and virtually
  • Leverage data to support coaches and school leaders to greater impact for youth
  • Propel comprehensive school turnaround and improvement work including: conducting leadership appraisals, on-site and virtual support and mentoring for principals and school leaders; executive coaching for school leaders, and; implementing Real Time Leadership Coaching (RTLC) protocols
  • Act as an ongoing resource to district, school, and instructional leaders on creating a schoolwide NNN culture that results in improved student achievement
  • Build relationships and rapport with partners, demonstrate impact of work to partner in order to maintain or expand the engagement
  • Maintain and/or grow assigned engagements 
  • Maintain timely completion of operations-related deliverables
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop CT3 products or special projects
  • Contribute to CT3’s voice via blog posts or editorial content



Successful candidates possess excellent leadership abilities, a positive attitude, and a knack for developing relationships quickly and with confidence. They also demonstrate an ability to make intelligent, data-grounded decisions under pressure and create brave spaces for conversations grounded in honesty and transparency with humility. Successful candidates can expect to join a team driven by care, a sense of belonging and its focus on putting youth first. 



CT3 commits itself to a set of culture tenets, core values and anti-racism pillars that drive everything we do. We acknowledge that structural racism and sexism exist in the market and we want to ensure we are not replicating that in our compensation philosophy. Our goal, therefore, is to provide competitive base compensation with a path to the 75th percentile of the fair market rate for each position after team members fully demonstrate proficiency in their roles, and provide transparency into salary ranges in advance. Opening ourselves to negotiation in these ranges delegitimizes the integrity of our compensation philosophy and could lead us to pay more to those who advocate loudest for themselves above market. Accordingly, we adhere to a non-negotiation policy on each starting salary offer presented.


The offered base salary for the Associate position is $112,000.



  • Master’s Degree in an Education-Related Field 
  • A minimum of three years of administrative experience in an urban public school 
  • Demonstrated effective teaching experience, preferably spanning grade levels 
  • Successful experience facilitating professional learning for teachers and instructional leaders 
  • Deep understanding of effective instructional practices 
  • Critical knowledge of anti-racist and equity issues in education 
  • Demonstrable technology skills 
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills 
  • Effective oral and written communication skills including speaking to large groups of adult educators 
  • Acute sense of customer needs coupled with the proven delivery of excellent customer service 
  • Ability to travel at least 110 days per calendar year 


To be considered for the Associate position, please complete our online application.

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