Systems & Process Specialist

CT3’s mission is to transform the quality and culture of education for youth in traditionally disenfranchised communities. CT3’s core values (below) support the transformative work we know is possible, necessary and deserved for youth and educators across our nation. CT3 is a high-growth company improving student outcomes at scale. From our years on the ground and in the classroom, we have considerable expertise helping teachers and school leaders in educational communities succeed on day one. We partner with these communities to create anti-racist environments where life-altering relationships between students and teachers can grow. We develop the strengths and talents of educators through coaching and high-value professional development that builds educator capacity through improved pedagogy. Our approach transforms classrooms by supporting the effective creation of classroom cultures that drive academic excellence for all students. The way we coach strategies ensures they are more than effective, they’re transformative.


The Analytics and Business Intelligence department seeks to inspire and enable people through delivery of data insights and technology systems. As a Systems & Process Specialist, you’ll be a key contributor to a team focused on initiatives that drive business priorities, while also continuously improving stability and reliability of established data, processes, and systems. Your role on the team will include system administration, help desk support, assessing business requirements, and making recommendations to support process improvements. You’ll be expected to build credibility through consistent demonstration of competencies by holding self and teammates to preeminent standards in the work we do, including:


  • Executing maintenance, configuration, and user account management to ensure reliable operation of computer systems (primarily SaaS) including Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Moodle LMS.
  • Resolving problems and issues with computers and SaaS systems to limit work disruptions.
  • Partnering and supporting people through training, coaching, mentoring, and advising end-users to be comfortable and confident in their use of data, systems, and processes.
  • Serving as a business process analyst that contributes to the development and delivery of valuable, working technology solutions by actively leading the business through requirements gathering—including process flow diagrams, use cases, wireframes, ERDs, data dictionaries, and data maps.
  • Delivering on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) defined in established Standard Operating Procedures—including response time to support tickets—by effectively managing time, establishing efficiency in execution, and having contingencies in place ready to mitigate disruptions.
  • Executing data quality measures focused on capturing and maintaining accuracy, completeness, consistency, integrity and timeliness of data in order to reduce the cost of bad data and increase the value of good data.
  • Serving as a backup to the Data & Insights Specialist and supporting the Director of Analytics & Business Intelligence in achieving the overall strategy and mission of the department.


CT3 commits itself to a set of culture tenets, core values and anti-racism pillars that drive everything we do. We acknowledge that structural racism and sexism exist in the market and we want to ensure we are not replicating that in our compensation philosophy. Our goal, therefore, is to provide competitive base compensation with a path to the 75th percentile of the fair market rate for each position after team members fully demonstrate proficiency in their roles, and provide transparency into salary ranges in advance. Opening ourselves to negotiation in these ranges delegitimizes the integrity of our compensation philosophy and could lead us to pay more to those who advocate loudest for themselves above market. Accordingly, we adhere to a non-negotiation policy on each starting salary offer presented.


The offered base salary for the Systems & Process Specialist position is $72,000


CT3 offers a significant benefits package aligned to our culture tenets.



  • EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, computer science or related field.
  • BUSINESS ACUMEN: general working knowledge of the day-to-day business within an operations department, with the ability to quickly learn the specifics of a professional development firm operating in the K-12 education sector.
  • TECHNOLOGY ACUMEN: general working knowledge of leading technologies in the marketplace—especially Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Learning Management Systems (LMS), business productivity applications, and information security.
  • COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: communicate verbally, non-verbally, and in writing—in-person and virtual settings—to effectively gain and provide clarity to others.
  • SUPPORT PEOPLE: ability to put end-users first by being responsive and attentive; being empathetic and patient to identify clues and home in on issues and opportunities.
  • DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS: participate in discussions with the business and document business requirements—including process flow diagrams, use cases, wireframes, and standard operating procedures.
  • EXECUTE TESTING, VALIDATION & MONITORING: execute testing (e.g., UAT), validation & monitoring procedures designed by others with a high attention to detail.
  • TECHNICAL SKILLS: competently use Excel to manage and explore data. Experience using collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc.) to be a valuable and timely contributor to high performance work teams that are fully remote.


  • 2+ years’ experience in an analytics or IT function
  • Experience in a professional development, training, or consulting firm
  • Experience configuring fields, page layouts, notifications, and other system settings in Salesforce or similar CRM platforms.
  • Experience configuring Docebo, Moodle, Teachable, or similar LMS platforms.


To be considered for the Systems & Process Specialist position, please complete our online application.

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