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2020 Leadership Workshop

The solution for a CHAMPIONSHIP school isn’t as challenging as it may seem. At CT3, our expertise is in coaching leaders to improve culture while raising achievement by being what we call “No-Nonsense Nurturer Leaders.” With research-based and field-tested strategies, our goal is to support school leaders and their leadership teams in creating their playbook to be able to solve problems – so that your school, your teachers and most importantly, your students, are set up to WIN THE GAME!

JOIN US for two days to evolve your thinking, expand your skills, and draft your leadership playbook for impacting student achievement. This is the ideal workshop for principals and their building leadership teams or teams of principals from a district. We’re looking forward to seeing you this spring!



Cincinnati, OH

May 28-29

Butler County Office of Education

Atlanta, GA

June 9-10

Ronald E. McNair Middle School

Fulton County Schools

Washington, D.C.

June 25-26

Alice Deal Middle School


Participants will develop a “playbook” to execute their plan for being No-Nonsense Nurturer Leaders, developing collective teacher efficacy and establishing a culture of coaching.

Essential Question

How do leaders build collective teacher efficacy to ensure an empowered staff, nurturing school community, and academic achievement for all students?

School leaders and their teams will learn:

  • How to establish and internalize what it means to be No-Nonsense Nurturer Leaders for teachers and students
  • The importance of collective teacher efficacy, its impact on student learning, and how to foster it in their building

Workshop Pricing

  • Individuals: $800
  • Pricing for Teams: $750pp for 2-5 people, $700pp for 6+ people
  • Registration includes materials, light breakfast, and lunch.
  • Note: Attendees responsible for hotel and transportation.

About CT3

CT3 offers high-value professional development and teachers trainings that build school capacity through improved pedagogy. Since 2009, we have coached leaders to improve their school culture while raising the achievement of their students and building the efficacy of their teachers. Our work has moved the needle in hundreds of schools across the country resulting in double-digit decreases in out-of-school suspensions, gains in graduation rates and increased teacher retention.

Check out a video overview of our Leadership Workshop in action!

This was by far the best PD I've ever attended. I am ready for the next school year to begin. I feel I have the necessary tools to be an effective leader in our school.

- Participant in Cincinnati, OH