Online course content plays an important part in expanding CT3’s ability to fulfill our mission, which is:

CT3 transforms the quality and culture of education for youth, especially those in traditionally disenfranchised communities.

CT3 Mission Statement

To optimize our support of educators, we carefully evaluate the tools and systems we use to facilitate online learning. We have determined that to follow best practices, we need to consolidate our online learners from two platforms to one. Specifically, we are deactivating our online school hosted in the Teachable platform and migrating users as necessary to our Moodle platform.


What does this mean for you as an online learner?

Your access and experience will only be affected if you currently access CT3’s online course content through Teachable. To determine if this includes you, go to the home page you use to access the online course content. Below are images of the home pages for each of our learning platforms:

Teachable: URL =

Moodle: URL =

When will CT3’s Teachable school be deactivated?

The school will be deactivated on June 29, 2022.

Will I still be able to access CT3’s course content?

—If you are accessing the content through Teachable, your access continuity will depend on the type of access you have. 
If you purchased an individual license (typically using a credit card), your student profile will be migrated to CT3’s Moodle platform. Your access will expire on the 365th day from the date you purchased your license.
—If you have access through your district, school, or other organization (typically using a coupon code), your student profile will not be migrated and your access will expire on June 29, 2022, unless your organization has already contracted for continued access for the 2022-23 school year. Note: If you wish to download your course completion certificate, you will need to do so before June 29, 2022. CT3 will not be able to generate a certificate for you after this date.

How will I access the course content after my student profile is migrated?

You will receive instructions for accessing course content via email at the email address you used to sign up for your Teachable account. Instructions will be sent between July 1 and July 15, 2022. Access will be live once instructions are sent.

What will happen to my information after the migration?

User information will be handled according to the respective privacy policies of CT3 and Teachable. Please keep in mind that if you created a Teachable account as part of your enrollment, the deactivation of CT3’s Teachable school will not automatically delete your Teachable account. Please see Teachable’s student guide for more information.