About This Project

Carrie Lupoli, M.A., M.Ed.

Director of Program Operations


Carrie brings a unique perspective to her work through her experiences as a special educator in urban districts as well as an international educator in Asia and Europe. Named “Teacher of the Year” her first year as an educator, Carrie is dedicated to continuous learning as an educator, administrator, executive director, and international speaker. She founded and was principal of a school for children with special needs in Singapore, and later founded and served as Executive Director of Live and Learn, the largest educational consulting firm in Singapore, an organization dedicated to training and supporting teachers to provide effective inclusion services. Carrie also served as the official Spokesperson and Child Development Expert for Mattel Fisher-Price.


Carrie has an impressive track record of working towards positive change in traditionally disadvantaged communities around the world. She has the ability to uniquely problem-solve and invest in others. After being certified as a Real Time Teacher Coach herself, Carrie joined the CT3 team in 2014 and has trained many Real Time Teacher Coaches. In addition, Carrie co-leads the instructional work for the organization.


Carrie holds a Master’s in Special Education and a Master’s in Educational Administration, both from the University of Connecticut. Carrie was a UConn cheerleader, loves DIY and HGTV, and is a certified health and wellness coach who is passionate about improving people’s health and wellness.


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A Note to Educators: Pedagogy Surpasses Curriculum – In this blog series, Carrie and our CEO, Kristyn Klei Borrero, discuss the power of pedagogy over curriculum and high-leverage pedagogical strategies that make up any effective lesson.

Why I Quit Special Ed…and am Proud of It – Carrie discusses supporting teachers to give all students a voice in the classroom, not just those receiving special education services.


An experienced special educator, Carrie provided insight for ASCD Express on how to hold high expectations for ALL students. Her article “High Expectations, All Students, No Exceptions” appeared in the “Differences, Not Disabilities” issue in April 2017.

Carrie also shared three effective teaching strategies taught in Real Time Teacher Coaching to provide instant data for teachers seeking to improve their instruction. Her article “I Want It Now!” in Leadership Magazine was published in April 2017.

Carrie has also contributed to ASCD’s Inservice blog, writing about topics like Best Practices for Effective Educators and Deepening Student Voice.

Carrie’s article “What Self-Defense Taught Me About Building Better Teachers” was recently published in NASSP’s Principal Leadership magazine.