About This Project

Noah Borrero, Ph.D.

Consulting Associate


Noah is that rare educational leader who has a proven track record teaching youth and training teachers alike. As a middle and high school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area, Noah specialized in working with bilingual students. He also created and now directs the Urban Education Masters program at the University of San Francisco, where he is responsible for preparing tomorrow’s urban educators. Noah received the Distinguished Research Award from the University of San Francisco for contributions in urban education, cultural assets, English learner literacy, and adolescent development. He currently serves as board member, advisor, trainer, and mentor for a variety of nonprofit organizations, scholarly associations, and advocacy groups focused on urban education.
With extensive experience working with students and teachers in some of the most challenging environments, Noah is capable of inspiring educators while also giving them the practical knowledge and skills needed to transform classrooms. He is an alumni of Stanford University and has a doctorate in child and adolescent development. He enjoys surfing, traveling, and spending time with his dog Billie.