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William T. Sprankles, III, M.Ed.

Consulting Associate


William is an innovator with a remarkable journey in urban education. He has a dynamic background in which he experienced the strategic change process as teacher, coach, and administrator. He has served as a teacher and leader at a New Concept/Turnaround school in Cincinnati, OH, which was the first of any public school in Ohio to earn consecutive Excellent Ratings with over 90% of students from minority and poverty-based households. He also served as Executive Director of Teaching and Learning at a 6–12 Secondary Campus with over 3,000 students, which is notably Ohio’s most diverse public school. He proudly led de-tracking and desegregation efforts of students in the mainstream curriculum, resulting in a 98% graduation rate for all students and multiple Excellent Ratings in the State of Ohio.
William is honored to be the Recipient of the Merlin G. Pope Award for Diversity Leadership in the City of Cincinnati, 2010.


Click below to read William’s posts on our company blog:

How to Build a Great Leadership Team – William shares some of the best practices he uses in coaching principals to build, support & sustain an effective school leadership team.

What To Do When the School Year is Off to a Rocky Start – William offers advice to teachers struggling to succeed at the beginning of the school year.

The Consequences of Not Giving Feedback and 5 Ways to Develop a Culture of Coaching Through Language – William discusses the importance of feedback from leadership in creating a positive school culture.

10 Outside the Box Relationship Building Strategies – In this post, William lists 10 easy yet effective relationship building strategies beyond a student survey.

It’s Not the What, It’s the How – This post details how many professional development programs fall short in meeting teachers’ needs, as well as what training is effective in moving teacher practice.


In the March/April 2018 “A New Era of Accountability” issue of the Association of California School Administrators’ Leadership magazine, William shared his insight on the importance of creating a culture of coaching, where consistent, transparent feedback is the norm to help create a positive and healthy school culture.

William’s articles have also been published on Edutopia. His post “Preparing for Quick Wins During the First Week of School” shares 10 ideas for school leaders to create quick wins at the beginning of the school year (or after a long break). Edutopia has also shared “10 Things Great School Leaders Do Over the Summer“, where he describes effective practices of school leaders who make great use of their summer months.

In the January/February 2017 issue of Leadership Magazine, William and colleague Kara Backman wrote their observations on the qualities every school leader should seek when interviewing and hiring highly effective educators.

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