Virtual Real Time Teacher Coaching: Success Strategies for Virtual Teaching

Strong relationships and high-level learner engagement are critical regardless of the virtual or in-person environment. vRTTC incorporates the No-Nonsense Nurturer approach to coach teachers and build their confidence and skills in both the virtual and in-person classroom space.

Choose which model(s) best fit the needs of your teachers: One is self-directed and one is a hybrid of self-directed with the added boost of support from a CT3 associate coach through three rounds:

Virtual Teacher Coach

Our Packages:

Self-Directed – $750

Each teacher self-directs through three rounds including:

  • Online courses (3): Four-step Model, Do Now & Exit Ticket, Focused Instruction
  • Self-directed learning online plan
  • 3 coaching Rounds: preparation, self-feedback loops, debrief
  • Pedagogy practice
  • Self-assessments of pedagogy
  • Reflection of pedagogy
  • LMS support
  • Video uploads
  • Automated teacher performance reports

With CT3 Associate Coach – $1,500

Each teacher receives virtual coach-guided support through two of three rounds including:

  • Online courses (3): Four-step Model, Do Now & Exit Ticket, Focused Instruction
  • Self- and Coach-guided online learning plan
  • 3 coaching rounds: preparation, coaching cycles (2), self-feedback loop (1), debrief
  • Coach-guided pedagogy practice w/ real-time feedback
  • Self- & coach-guided assessments of pedagogy
  • Coach-guided reflection of pedagogy
  • LMS support
  • Video uploads
  • Teacher performance reports w/ coach analysis
  • “Meet your coach” consultation w/ associate
  • Leader check in with associate coach

vRTTC provides teachers with a coaching experience adapted to the virtual environment, and includes pre-work and deliverables across multiple rounds to support teachers directly. Customizable teacher coaching rounds include independent and/or collaborative preparation, coaching cycle, and debrief. 

  • Support teacher mindsets and skills needed to ensure high expectations and meaningful relationships for scholars in a virtual space 
  • Build equity for all students through the social and emotional learning lens.
  • Choose independent and/or Associate-supported learning depending on teacher need. 
  • Support teachers through their vRTTC work, with optional shadowing by school coaches.

The first round focuses on the Four-Step Model: Precise Directions, Positive Narration, Virtual Accountability Systems and Meaningful Relationships. vRTTC provides critical space for reflection and ownership of the empowering mindset of a No-Nonsense Nurturer. The Gold package provides direct real-time virtual coaching.


The second round centers on the virtual adaptation of Do Now and Exit Ticket, while continuing to infuse the Four-Step Model. This round is self-directed. 


The content of the third round centers on the virtual adaptation of Focused Instruction. The Gold package provides direct virtual coaching in this final round.

Coaching Cycles

Coaching Rounds

Pre-work and deliverables support teachers’ internalization of No Nonsense Nurturer best practices in a virtual medium, whether synchronous or asynchronous, with a focus on deep and meaningful relationships, culturally responsive teaching, and instructional best practices to achieve authentic virtual engagement. Watch our overview video to see how it works.

Benefits of collaborative learning with a CT3 coach:

Build new-teacher and new-to-online teacher efficacy for effective teaching and learning.

Work with teachers towards personalized goals.

Receive support and feedback from an expert No-Nonsense Nurturer CT3 coach.

Form good virtual teaching habits and mindsets that transfer back into the classroom.

Maximize investment in teachers and optimize their impact with students – in virtual spaces and when they return to classrooms.

Every student deserves high-quality learning opportunities – online and in-person. Teachers need the pedagogy, confidence, and support to transition between online, blended, and in-person spaces. vRTTC empowers teachers with the skills and mindset to effectively teach online.

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