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You’re on your way to becoming a No-Nonsense Nurturer®! Our online course is self-paced and takes educators approximately six-to-eight hours to complete on their own. This includes written content, nearly 100 engaging video exemplars and interviews with real educators, a downloadable self-implementation guide, and a comprehensive resource section. Transform Classrooms with No-Nonsense Nurturer®.

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“No-Nonsense Nurturer has had an enormous impact on my coaching career. In my opinion, it is the yellow brick road to successful teaching and coaching. Since its implementation, classroom and school transformations are taking place throughout our district.”

Lynn McKinney, Instructional Coach in Tulsa, OK

“How has No-Nonsense Nurturer impacted my classroom? I can’t even begin to put in words of how much it has helped me. I started the program my very first week as a teacher and it has transformed my room so much that most people wouldn’t know that I have less than two years of experience.”

Ciara DeVille, Secondary Educator in Cleveland, OH

“Being a No-Nonsense Nurturer is a way of me valuing my students and valuing the work that we do in this classroom. They learn by extension to value their learning. And because they apply themselves and they learn it, they will have more choices after they graduate.”

Liz Gore, Secondary Educator in Richmond, CA

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