We believe successful school leaders are the agents of change for schools.

  • In your world, student achievement is the bottom line. It’s a living, breathing bottom line, delivered by people who must find ways to reach students in productive and meaningful ways.
  • We know that authentic relationships between educators and students are the foundation of healthy classrooms. We’ve seen how proficiency and achievement grow in well-managed classrooms where each student can focus on learning.
  • At the heart of it all are the teachers who set the expectations, provide the inspiration, and lead the charge.

At CT3, we support you in your goals to lead your teachers and students to breakthrough academic achievement that allows the entire community to thrive. Our partners are as diverse as America’s communities, from large metropolitan systems to rural schools to smaller private and charter schools. What remains consistent is our approach – fiercely committed to transformation, and uniquely qualified to help promising leaders and teachers become great.


When administrators invest in CT3’s work for their school, they invest in the future of their school community.


  • No-Nonsense Nurturer® helps schools gain a common language that communicates consistency, high academic expectations, and equitable school culture for every student.
  • Real Time Teacher Coaching® establishes a sustainable culture of coaching where a school or district’s own coaches are trained by CT3 experts to support and develop teachers in their use of the No-Nonsense Nurturer approach.
  • Real Time Leadership Coaching is our approach for developing culturally relevant principals who recognize the key levers for creating a productive school culture that fosters a strong academic press. CT3 coaches school leaders to plan against these key, research-based levers to create a culture of high expectations and mutual accountability for all stakeholders, thus creating an educational experience that closes historical learning gaps for disenfranchised youth.
  • Leadership Workshops offer principals and their leadership teams, or teams of principals from a district, coaching and professional development towards enhancing practice and school transformation. These series of workshops provide evidence-based, field-tested leadership coaching will help teams elevate their school’s equity culture, push leadership thinking and challenge mindsets, build collective efficacy, and draft a leadership blueprint for fostering a nurturing school community and driving academic achievement for all students.
Paul Hoover, Administrator in Cleveland, OH
Pat Hurrieta, Administrator in Denver, CO
Richard Seigler, Administrator in New York, NY
“As a school leader, it was important to me to use No-Nonsense Nurturer in every classroom because I wanted to make sure that all of my students had some level of consistency. Whether you went to science or math or reading, each teacher knew what he or she was going to say to get students to perform at a high level. Students felt safe, it was predictable, and they learned as much as they could.”
Mike Atkins, Administrator in Denver, CO
“I assure teachers that if they use No-Nonsense Nurturer with fidelity in their classroom, they are going to be able to build relationships with students. As an extension piece, that allows for relationship building with families as well. This approach helps teachers who don’t always look like the population of their students build authentic, meaningful relationships.”
CT3 partners with schools across the nation to create measurable, sustainable success.

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