A good coach instructs. A great one inspires.

  • With the proven strategies of CT3’s No-Nonsense Nurturer approach along with the highly effective Real Time Teacher Coaching model, you’ll have what you need to connect with teachers in the moment, when they’re ready to take action.
  • With the right support and professional development, teachers can be empowered to live the mission, every day.

As a coach trained in Real Time Teacher Coaching®, you have the opportunity to create measurable change and to transform the lives of students and teachers.


Coaches become well-versed in the No-Nonsense Nurturer® approach and are trained by a CT3 expert to coach their teachers on the implementation of the approach in their classroom, at the point of instruction. Real Time Teacher Coaches receive in-person training throughout the school year as well as virtual support to improve their practice and ensure they coach on a weekly basis.


Real Time Teacher Coaches are trained to support teachers with immediate, non-disruptive feedback via headsets during instruction, as well as hold data-collecting observations and pre- and post-coaching conferences with teachers.


Real Time Teacher Coaches develop skills to support teachers with classroom culture and high-leverage pedagogical strategies.

Joanna Leeds, Real Time Teacher Coach in Denver, CO
Alexis Redeemer, Real Time Teacher Coach in Charlotte, NC
Andy West, Real Time Teacher Coach in Oakland, CA
“Real Time Teacher Coaching has provided me with an innovative opportunity to be able to work with teachers in a very different way. Normally I would coach a teacher, make notes, and then maybe the following day, the following week or maybe weeks later, actually provide some feedback. What Real Time Teacher Coaching allows me to provide is in-the-moment support, so it’s transformational within the same period.”
Kristin Cubbage, Real Time Teacher Coach in Charlotte, NC
“Real Time Teacher Coaching pedagogical strategies have impacted the rigor in the classroom because our teachers are saying that our kids are capable of so much. They can handle the rich content and the difficult questions, and they can handle things that are above grade level if we are teaching them explicitly and giving them the strategies to do that.”
There is simply no other coaching model in K-12 that has such an immediate and lasting effect on teachers.

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