We understand your challenges because we’ve experienced them, too.

  • You know you can support the students struggling the most, but just aren’t sure how.
  • You need more effective methods for reaching every student.
  • You need more strategies to increase rigor to support student achievement.
  • You are working so hard, but don’t always get the results you expect.
  • And most of all…

…you need support.

Sometimes it feels like you’re out there on your own…but you’re not alone.


You have a resource for support, tactics, professional development, and most of all, answers. CT3 partners with school systems across the nation to give teachers a roadmap for achieving even the most ambitious and audacious goals.


It comes from sharing proven strategies in classroom management and pedagogy, and providing coaching that gets to the core of what you do and why you do it.


Teachers leverage CT3’s No-Nonsense Nurturer® approach to engage 100% of their students, 100% of the time. Individuals can sign up on their own via this link or schools/districts can purchase groups of licenses.


To master these strategies, teachers are supported by Real Time Teacher Coaches from their school or district. Real Time Teacher Coaching® supports teachers not only in engaging with their students, but in utilizing high-leverage pedagogical strategies to ensure every student learns.

Susan Summerfield, Educator in Oakland, CA
Frances Olajide, Educator in Boston, MA
Elizabeth Gore, Educator in Richmond, CA
“Being a No-Nonsense Nurturer allows me to value my students, and by extension, they learn to value their learning and will have more choices after they graduate. They can get out of the cycle of poverty, violence, discrimination, and whatever else they're dealing with.”
Jeremy Grove, Educator in Cleveland, OH
“Real Time Teacher Coaching has definitely made a huge impact on my ability to execute as a No-Nonsense Nurturer. I’ve got somebody on my side who’s not here to evaluate me but to encourage me and to push me.”
The CT3 team started in the classroom, and we translate on-the-ground experience into actionable steps. The results are not only measurable but life-altering – for your students and for you.

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