At CT3, we recognize the critical need for equitable and engaging instruction for every student. Virtual Real Time Teacher Coaching (vRTTC) is designed to directly support the many teachers moving between the online, blended, and in-person classroom spaces

Virtual Real Time Teacher Coaching. Customizable teacher coaching rounds including independent and/or collaborative preparation, coaching cycle, and debrief.

Coaching Rounds

“The mix of independent learning plus 1:1 with my coach really supported my learning! vRTTC allowed me to direct and pace my own learning and receive personalized feedback when I practiced what I was learning through multiple rounds with real-time observation and coaching.”

Teshira Newton
Middle School Math Teacher
Ashley Park Pre K-8 School
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Why vRTTC?

For Leaders

Align school vision and priorities with professional learning and coaching, ranging from culturally relevant instruction and equity, to trauma-informed care/SEL supports.

Drive high expectations in virtual teaching and learning with the skills, data, and support for lasting change.

Accelerate new teacher growth with targeted coaching to support school-wide best practice and cultural competence.

Build educators’ skill and application of asset-based mindset.

For Educators

Build lifelong, meaningful relationships with scholars that extend beyond the virtual classroom.

Gain virtual instructional skills and build confidence and empowerment in an online space.

Raise online academic rigor and boost the use of data to inform online instruction. Increase virtual attendance, participation, and engagement.

For Coaches

Learn pedagogical strategies and moves to support your teachers that lead to academic success in a virtual classroom.

Use our virtual classroom ``look fors`` to set focused coaching targets that lead to strong academic outcomes.

Shadow our CT3 associates to learn coaching moves and practices and gain the language and expertise needed to develop teachers at a rapid rate.

Interested in bringing vRTTC to your school or district?