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Unlike any conventional or cognitive models, Real Time Teacher Coaching delivers feedback at the point of instruction. Teachers experience unprecedented guidance and support while coaches have a unique opportunity to positively impact the teachers’ classroom performance.

Real Time Teacher Coaching Involves:

Immediate, non-disruptive feedback to teachers using wireless ``bug-in-the-ear`` technology

Instant feedback on application of research-validated classroom management and pedagogical strategies with real-time opportunities to course-correct

Reflective discussion on the teachers’ experience

Whether it’s changing classroom culture or improving pedagogical strategy, we see results in as little as one week. Your coaches will reach a new level of expertise in helping teachers create a positive classroom environment and/or mastering their instructional practice.


There is simply no other coaching model in K-12 that has such an immediate and lasting effect on teachers.

Classroom Management*

Coaches learn how to use our groundbreaking coaching model to transform teachers’ use of the No-Nonsense Nurturer approach.

Coaches will learn how to:

Improve the classroom practice of more teachers in significantly less time

Support teachers to establish a classroom culture that fosters high expectations for all students

Uncover and address disempowering mindsets holding teachers back

Motivate teachers to build life-altering relationships with students and their families

Instill a confidence in teachers of their ability to grow their classroom management skills and teaching effectiveness

* Teachers and coaches must have had experience with the No-Nonsense Nurturer Presentation or Online Course in order to participate in this training.


Click here to read more about No-Nonsense Nurturer training options.

Pedagogical Strategies*

Our Associates will customize training to help coaches provide teachers with Real Time Teacher Coaching to meet specific pedagogical needs, including improved lesson pacing, increased student engagement, and higher academic rigor.

Coaches will increase their ability to:

Build pedagogical coaching skills while developing teachers and engaging students

Improve teacher use of the high-leverage strategies needed to raise the academic achievement of every student

Generate immediate and observable results that build teacher confidence and motivation

Transform teachers beliefs in their capacity to challenge and motivate students to engage and achieve at high levels

Help teachers improve management and pedagogy simultaneously

 *Teachers and coaches must have had experience with the No-Nonsense Nurturer Presentation or Online Course in order to participate in this training.


NEW in 2017: Introducing new mini online courses for teachers to establish foundational knowledge of ten high-leverage pedagogical strategies before engaging in a Real Time Teacher Coaching cycle. Participants will gain a basic understanding of how to implement these strategies in their classroom while viewing video examples and gaining insights from teachers in classrooms across the country.

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Real Time Teacher Coaching Process:

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