Real Time Leadership Coaching - CT3
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Real Time Leadership Coaching leverages the expertise of our experienced associates to coach school leaders on the most pressing challenges facing their school identity. Through their own practical experiences as turnaround school administrators and using research-based methods found in the No-Nonsense Nurturer approach, our associates have the tools to help you assess current levels of performance and design a comprehensive plan to lead your school toward growth and high levels of achievement.

School Leaders Learn How To:

Reduce the stress and frustration of school staff in dealing with student behavior

Dramatically reduce the number of classroom referrals and out-of-school suspensions

Establish a no-nonsense yet nurturing school culture

Establish effective interventions for students whose behaviors the staff finds the most challenging

Create/improve schoolwide discipline plans, communication plans, and data systems

Set up systems, teams, and structures to allow for distributive leadership

This service leverages the expertise of our experienced associates so that you can establish a mutually respectful school culture that fosters academic excellence and staff satisfaction.

School Identity Improvement*

Tailored advisory engagements that connect school leaders with CT3 experts to generate and/or support a collaborative, strategic approach that prioritizes high levels of need, and provides the foundation for the school’s culture, achievement, and efficacy.

This is offered as a series of working sessions via on-site and online web-based engagement.

Leadership Coaching*

Professional leadership development and executive coaching that develops the leader as a No-Nonsense Nurturer, in ways that align with key principles that successful leaders embody and exhibit.

CT3 experts support the leader in effectively driving school improvement and guide the leader through how to develop empowered mindsets and practices within their teachers.

*School leadership team members must have participated in the No-Nonsense Nurturer presentation or online course in order to engage in Real Time Leadership Coaching.

Interested in bringing Real Time Leadership Coaching to your school or district?