Students Demand Action

CT3 is proud to elevate student voices and organizations that are also youth centered. Students Demand Action is one such organization that is dedicated to gun reformation in our country. As the student-led branch of Everytown, the largest gun violence prevention organization in America, Students Demand Action has over 500 groups across the U.S.

For All Ages

We need meaningful actions to keep our schools and surrounding communities safe, actions that address what we know about gun violence in America’s schools. 

Use the resources below to learn more about the Be SMART campaign, download and print the Be SMART handouts, explore the #NotAnAccident map of unintentional child shootings, and the new Gunfire on School Grounds map, and watch the full campaign video.

Every year, 350 children unintentionally shoot themselves or someone else when they find unlocked, loaded guns. Nearly 700 American children die by gun suicide each year. One study showed that over 80 percent of children under the age of 18 who died by gun suicide used a gun belonging to a family member.

For High School Students

Welcome to Students Demand Action! The following toolkit is a comprehensive guide, created by high school students, to organize a Students Demand Action group at your high school. 

All you need to do is have people text FUTURE to 644-33. Then they’ll get a text with the link where they can register to vote, update their registration, or request an absentee ballot.

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