District Data Digest

 CT3 works with over 200 schools across the country to support schools to better serve youth. Here’s a look at some of our partnerships that support the schools’ and districts’ significant improvement goals

Launching for Impact

Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis, IN

CT3 has been partnering with Indianapolis Public Schools since 2021. Based on the data IPS shared regarding student achievement results from SY2122 and projected proficiency for SY2223 based on NWEA data, here are some of the biggest takeaways related to CT3’s work:


  • CT3 partner schools are outperforming other district schools in the “Emerging Zone” cohort
  • In many cases, our partner schools are outperforming the IPS district averages
  • We are seeing clear correlations between Instructional Strategy targeting a particular content and student learning within that same content (Math)

“Real Time Teacher Coaching has positively impacted teacher practice in more ways than one. By far the most significant impact has been increased engagement and decreased behaviors.”

-Shauna Lipscomb, Real Time Teacher Coach

Supporting Teachers to Increase Student Engagement

Ferguson-Florissant School District – Greater St. Louis, MO

CT3 is entering its second year of partnership with Ferguson-Florissant School District. We have expanded our work from 5 to 23 school sites since last year. Here are some fast facts about what has been accomplished in the first three months of the 2022-2023 school year:


  • 291 Real Time Teacher Coaching cycles have been completed
  • 221 teachers have received coaching support
  • 34% decrease in classrooms rated as “disengaged”
  • 66% increase in classrooms rated as “active participation”
“I love the coaching support I’m receiving. It has given me a new way to manage my class and the Four Step Model really works! I can’t wait for my coach to continue working with me so that I can continue to get better.”
Ms. Berry Teacher, Parker Road PreK-2 Ferguson-Florissant School District

High Expectations, Dramatic Gain

Success Academy Harlem 4 In New York City

In 2010, CT3 worked with all Success Academy Schools, a rapidly growing charter management organization in New York City. CT3 began an 18-month engagement with the principal of Success Academy Harlem 4 just after she took her position at the school.

The school was the lowest-performing in the network. The culture was one that lacked high expectations for youth, the staff and administration did not trust one another, and families often conveyed distrust. The new principal’s goals for 2010 were clear and ambitious: create a schoolwide culture of high expectations and engender family buy-in in order to ensure a marked improvement in student achievement.

CT3 partnered with the school to train teachers on the No-Nonsense Nurturer® method then develop campus coaches’ capacity to use Real Time Teacher Coaching® to support teachers in their implementation of the NNN strategies.

Key results from this partnership included a dramatic increase in on-task behavior measures from an average of 73% to 95%+ across classrooms. The school moved from the lowest to the highest in the Success network on network-wide “Quality of Education Culture” metrics

The school also made consistent academic gains both on internal network benchmarks as well as the New York standardized exams:

“The No-Nonsense Nurturer® approach has transformed my teachers’ classroom management… when you walk into their classrooms you now see learning taking place 100% of the time!”

Stacey Gershkovich

Managing Director of Sharing

Success Academy Charter Schools