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“There is simply no other approach that has the ability to improve the culture of the classroom with the speed and efficacy of No-Nonsense Nurturer.”
“If you’re thinking about any professional development and trainings that are going to create a long-lasting impact on your school community, CT3 is definitely the way to go. This is for your whole staff, for classroom management, or leadership development in the form of teacher coaches as well as leadership coaching and beyond.”
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“Great PD, one of the few that I feel like I gained new knowledge that will actually influence my teaching practices.”
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CT3 Academy: Online Courses for Educators

  • Select from a wide range of pedagogical strategy offerings
  • Self-paced interactive modules, videos, & assessments
  • Full access to:
    • Course content
    • Supplemental resources
  • Proven strategies to:
    • Improve classroom management
    • Increase student engagement
    • Elevate student learning
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Virtual Leadership Workshops

  • Cultivate admin team to:
    • Ensure sustainability
    • Reimagine the learning community for teachers & scholars
    • Rebuild hope
    • Improve school climate
  • Create a strategic plan with expert guidance
  • Rework systems & processes to:
    • Prioritize the service & support your staff & scholars deserve
    • Increase efficiency & success of current systems
    • Build collective efficacy
    • Cultivate mindsets

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