Kirsten Burke

Kirsten has been a member of the CT3 team since 2012. With 20 years of experience in business operations, Kirsten brings a wide range of skills and support to CT3. After graduating from University of California, Santa Barbara, Kirsten embarked on a career in the fast-growing internet consulting industry.  As business manager and director of human resources, Kirsten worked closely with her management team to grow the organization from 12 to 225 employees, set up scalable infrastructure, and establish key professional partnerships. Prior to joining CT3, Kirsten owned and operated two small businesses providing her the landscape to further develop her leadership skills, nourish customer relationships, and make meaningful contributions to the community around her.

Kirsten is a busy mother of four and loves to cook, travel, do arts and crafts, and enjoy the outdoors. She also enjoys designing patio furniture and garden fountains.