CT3 National Leadership Workshop

2020 Virtual Leadership Workshop Series

No-Nonsense Nurturer Leadership During a Time of Crisis and Beyond

Virtual leadership coaching that will enhance your practice and transform your school.


Education has changed drastically in the last few weeks and months. There is an unprecedented opportunity for school and district leaders to become indispensable in helping their school communities navigate – now and when schools open again. Teachers and staff are doing an incredible amount of work to embrace change that happened in an instant. Not only do we need to provide immediate support, we also need to co-create a future for when we all return safely to schools. Educators must be empowered to share understanding with their students about the impact this global crisis will have on everyone. They will have to mitigate the effects – particularly for those living in poverty – and should take the opportunity to make enduring improvements to education.


Leadership Responsive HierarchyCT3’s Leadership Workshop series is designed to support principals and their managers in developing high levels of care and support systems to serve students, staff, and community through the pandemic and prepare for a successful return to school buildings. The series is anchored in CT3’s “Leadership Response Hierarchy” and provides a development framework for principals to:


  • Ensure they meet social emotional needs for all stakeholders through a culturally competent lens while balancing accountability for virtual learning.
  • Respond to, communicate, and proactively plan for team and stakeholder needs in the short and long term.
  • Build collective efficacy and foster a nurturing school community that drives academic achievement for all students.
  • Empower educators to address mindsets and navigate change so that every student – especially those who are underserved – thrives in the new normal.


Series Design: The series consists of five, 3-hour sessions developed to support a cohort of leaders and their managers through: virtual content delivery, small group instruction, workshop collaboration, sharing of best practices, role playing, and Virtual Real Time Leadership Coaching (executive coaching for principals).


This series replaces our previously scheduled in-person summer 2020 workshops.

“This was great situational support and professional learning!” 

“Excellent engagement and purposeful work!” 

“I enjoyed the candid conversation and strategies for promoting empathy and hope.”


– Principal participants, Fulton County, GA

Who Should Attend: Principals, Principal Managers, Assistant Principals, Teacher Leaders

Workshops can be registered for as a leadership team or as an individual.

Workshop Pricing: $700 per person

Weekly on Thursdays from June 18-July 16, 9 a.m.-Noon Eastern

About CT3

CT3 offers high-value professional development and teacher trainings that build school capacity through improved pedagogy. Since 2009, we have coached leaders to improve their school culture while raising the achievement of their students and building the efficacy of their teachers. Our work has moved the needle in hundreds of schools across the country resulting in double-digit decreases in out-of-school suspensions, gains in graduation rates, and increases in teacher retention.

Check out a video overview of our in-person Leadership Workshop in action!

This was by far the best PD I've ever attended. I am ready for the next school year to begin. I feel I have the necessary tools to be an effective leader in our school.

- Participant in Cincinnati, OH