Your teaching is an art.
Our coaching is a science.

Together, we create lasting change for all scholars.

CT3 offers high-value professional learning that transforms culture, leadership, and coaching in real time.

We partner with educators to keep scholars at the center of our shared work around equity, mindsets, pedagogy, achievement, anti-racism, and the culture of coaching.

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Our Program Offerings


Dynamic, research-validated approach that promotes the success of all students. Our strategies help teachers improve classroom culture, increase student engagement, and overcome disempowering mindsets to reach each child in the room.


Cutting-edge coaching that changes teacher practice through immediate, non-disruptive feedback and guidance from coaches during classroom instruction. There is simply no other coaching model in K-12 that has such an immediate and lasting effect on teachers.


Leverages the expertise of our experienced associates to coach school leaders on the most pressing challenges facing their school identity. Using research-based methods, our associates give you the tools to help assess current levels of performance and design a comprehensive plan to lead your school toward growth and high levels of achievement.


Innovative and engaging, evidence-based strategies to improve the culture in even the most challenging classrooms and schools. Our online course is available for individuals or groups, and our virtual summer series Leadership Workshops bring district leadership teams together to strategize for the year ahead.

We share a sense of urgency with our partner schools. If your school or district is ready for meaningful, sustainable change, then we’re ready, too.