About This Project

Kristyn Klei Borrero, Ed.D. 

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Kristyn Klei Borrero is an accomplished educational leader and coach who has an unparalleled ability to make a profound difference in the professional lives of educators. For the last twenty years, Kristyn has committed herself to improving the education of students in traditionally disenfranchised schools as a classroom teacher, principal, area superintendent, and co-founder of CT3. 


Prior to her work with CT3, Kristyn led the research and development of No-Nonsense Nurturer® and Real Time Teacher Coaching®, widely recognized as two of the most innovative, transformative professional development models in education today. She is also a noted contributor to national education blogs, trade journals and news media.


As an educational leader, Kristyn spent more than a decade leading turnaround initiatives for underperforming schools in Oakland and East Palo Alto, California. She propelled schools under her supervision to significantly exceed all state academic benchmarks, organizational fundraising and financial goals, teacher retention rates, and family and student satisfaction ratings. Kristyn holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of California, Berkeley, and enjoys cooking and traveling to “big wave” surf spots with her husband. 


Kristyn’s first book, titled “Every Student, Every Day: A No-Nonsense Nurturer® Approach to Reaching All Learners”is now available to order on Solution Tree and Amazon. Kristyn has been featured on Education Week Teacher, Reader’s Digest, IdeaMensch, The Ed Podcast and the StartEdUp, Leader of Learning, and Reframe podcasts.


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A Note to Educators: Pedagogy Surpasses Curriculum – In this blog series, Kristyn discusses the power of pedagogy over curriculum and high-leverage pedagogical strategies that make up any effective lesson.

Leaders…Create a Revolution – Kristyn shares her advice to school leaders on how to regroup after a challenging year.

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