Critical Race Theory: There’s the Argument to Have, and How to Have the Argument

Recently, I joined a client’s (CT3) internal meeting to discuss Critical Race Theory (CRT). I was doing really well. Right until I started talking.  First, some background on this group as context for why I wanted to be in this particular session. CT3 is an active anti-racist organization focused on transforming education, the team walks […]

CRT ≠ Anti-Racism

All over the nation, schools have started the 22-23 school year as the closest we’ve come to our pre-pandemic reality (despite COVID infection rates at steady state and a looming monkeypox threat). Masks are generally optional; most of the nation’s districts are opening with in person instruction; parents are reporting a sense of familiarity with […]

Happy Juneteenth from CT3

Happy Juneteenth! Our ancestors bind us to the continued honoring of this day. We welcome and embrace the opportunity since we know that as we commemorate this Juneteenth holiday — in 2022 — so many Black people, so many descendants of enslaved people, have yet to experience true and full freedom. This freedom was promised […]

Scholars Can’t Wait for Our Wokeness to Emerge

It’s easy to imagine that, as educators, our jobs exist in a bubble. However, we’ve all experienced circumstances in our lives outside of school that impact our performance during the school day in some capacity. This is true for our scholars as well; for scholars of color, the intersectional nature of racism is such that […]

Ujima: When Young People Support Young People

Makita Kheperu, Associate interviews Leah Holmes, a member of Chicago’s SuperGroup, a collection of young artists and entrepreneurs who host cultural events that target youth and young adults. The events promote African and African American culture. Leah explains the inspiration, goals and strategies of the group and how they have supported youth and the larger community […]

All Aboard the Train of Thought

Max Brooks interviews and highlights the work of Damen Fletcher, CEO of Train of Thought, an organization that focuses on increasing access to chess education. Train of Thought introduces students of all ages – especially in marginalized communities – to chess as a means to foment leadership and critical thinking skills. With an emphasis on character […]

Supporting STEM Scholars

For more than a decade, my job has been inspiring people with data insights and enabling them through technology systems. I love the work I do, the people I work with, and the economic benefits a career in analytics affords me. As a mixed person with Black ancestry, I’m beating the odds. A recent Pew […]

Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic, and Relationships

I read an article a few months ago, written in 2010, that predicted the state of public education if it remained on its current trajectory.  The article suggested that an inverse relationship exists between the scholars’ grade level and their authentic engagement in school. Kids are happiest and most engaged at the elementary level, and […]

Bringing Black History to a Town Near You

“Why do some white people think they’re better than Black people?” This was the opening question asked by a five-year-old in the audience who had gathered to hear from Dr. Khalid el-Hakim, founder of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum.  For more than a decade, the mobile museum has traveled across the country to over […]