S.A.F.E Schools

By: SJT School safety training is a topic that has become increasingly important to school leaders. Leaders are accountable for securing the safety of scholars, staff, and other community members who are on campus. There could be several emergencies that can occur in a school, ranging in severity from internal violent threats to the school […]

SEL Book List: Teacher and School Leader

Excerpt reposted from Glose for Education blog, originally posted October 8, 2020. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) within the school is primarily associated with student enrichment and development, however, we know that SEL opportunities benefit more learners when both professional and personal experiences are extended to all stakeholders, especially teacher and school leaders. To contribute […]

Dismantle From Within

White Flight & Early Experiences of Racism My first memories of experiencing racism are from my early childhood. I was starting elementary school in Gary, Indiana. I remember the excitement of going to Washington Elementary for the first time and seeing so many other kids with different backgrounds and skin color. This wasn’t surprising. After […]

Feedback for Immediate Impact Part 2

Feedback for Immediate Impact (Part 2) In Part 1, we discussed the transformative nature of leaders delivering in-the-moment feedback to teachers. We even shared some examples of how you might provide this type of efficient and meaningful guidance. In Part 2, we will look at the key components for leaders to consider before they begin […]

Feedback for Immediate Impact Part 1

Feedback for Immediate Impact (Part 1) The Importance of Quality Feedback  One of the most powerful tools a school leader has is the ability to motivate their teachers through high quality feedback. An impactful coaching culture takes shape through thoughtful leader moves, consistent systems, and common language. At CT3 and through Real Time Leadership Coaching (RTLC), […]

CRT ≠ Anti-Racism

All over the nation, schools have started the 22-23 school year as the closest we’ve come to our pre-pandemic reality (despite COVID infection rates at steady state and a looming monkeypox threat). Masks are generally optional; most of the nation’s districts are opening with in person instruction; parents are reporting a sense of familiarity with […]

CT3 CARES: #StolenHistory

Sometimes history didn’t just go missing; it was stolen. From horse riding to superstar musicians, join Dr. Richard Frank on an investigation of stolen history.

The No-Nonsense Nurturer® Leader Is Committed to Being an Anti-Racist — Part 2

The following blog is the final of 11 dedicated to providing an overview of the No-Nonsense Nurturer leader behaviors in anticipation of CT3’s summer leadership workshops which started last week. We support all leaders with behaviors essential for every organization. The No-Nonsense Nurturer® Leader: Models humility Sets high expectations Creates a culture of coaching Builds collective […]

Living History Makers: Jillian Turner, Math Teacher, Baltimore City Schools

Jillian Turner

Every day, educators are making history through their selfless service to our communities. CT3 is recognizing some of these educators through Living History profiles to share their great work and powerful impact. This month we spoke with Jillian Turner, 2nd Grade Math Teacher in Baltimore City Schools. What is your “Why” for working in education? […]

Builds Trusting Relationships

The No-Nonsense Nurturer® Leader: Models humility Sets high expectations Creates a culture of coaching Builds collective efficacy Recognizes and develops growth mindsets, always striving to be asset based Solicits voice and perspective Innovates Generates culture (and systems) of accountability Builds trusting relationships Commits to being an anti-racist In this series, CT3 associates share personal stories […]