Maximizing ESSER Funds: Empowering Educators and Sustaining Student Success Beyond 2025

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Maximizing ESSER Funds

With less than seven months remaining until January 28, 2025, the countdown to the expiration of federal aid through the Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund has begun. This impending deadline looms over school districts, threatening the loss of crucial funding intended to support students in their recovery from pandemic-induced learning loss. September 30, 2024, marks the final opportunity for districts to allocate these funds effectively.


As this unique opportunity approaches its sunset, districts must prioritize initiatives that will empower those most influential in students’ lives: teachers and leaders. These individuals have tirelessly served on the frontlines, combating learning loss and nurturing the academic growth of our youth. Investing in their capacity is not just prudent; it’s essential for sustaining educational progress beyond the expiration of federal aid.


Empowering Educators and Sustaining Student Success with CT3

At CT3, we offer a range of proven strategies designed to enhance educator effectiveness and drive student success. Our track record speaks for itself: 97% of schools that have implemented CT3 training have chosen to renew their contracts, attesting to the transformative impact of our programs. Moreover, our classroom management training boasts a remarkable 95% satisfaction rating, underscoring its effectiveness in empowering educators to create conducive learning environments.


Additionally, 84% of principals have identified our training as the most impactful professional development they’ve received, highlighting its relevance and efficacy in addressing the evolving needs of educational leadership. Furthermore, our Real Time Teacher Coaching® program has equipped instructional coaches with the tools and strategies needed to foster environments characterized by high expectations and continuous improvement, with 100% of participants reporting feeling empowered in their roles.


With time dwindling to obligate and expend ESSER funds, districts must make informed decisions that will yield lasting benefits for both students and educators alike. By choosing programming that prioritizes impactful professional development, districts can ensure that every dollar invested contributes to sustainable educational outcomes and fosters a culture of continuous improvement within their schools. Let’s seize this opportunity to invest in the future of our students and educators, ensuring that they have the support and resources needed to thrive long after federal aid has run its course.


By: Chris Cantu, CT3 Associate & Program Lead

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