Critical Race Theory: There’s the Argument to Have, and How to Have the Argument

Recently, I joined a client’s (CT3) internal meeting to discuss Critical Race Theory (CRT). I was doing really well. Right until I started talking.  First, some background on this group as context for why I wanted to be in this particular session. CT3 is an active anti-racism organization focused on transforming education, the team walks […]

Dismantle From Within

White Flight & Early Experiences of Racism My first memories of experiencing racism are from my early childhood. I was starting elementary school in Gary, Indiana. I remember the excitement of going to Washington Elementary for the first time and seeing so many other kids with different backgrounds and skin color. This wasn’t surprising. After […]

CRT ≠ Anti-Racism

All over the nation, schools have started the 22-23 school year as the closest we’ve come to our pre-pandemic reality (despite COVID infection rates at steady state and a looming monkeypox threat). Masks are generally optional; most of the nation’s districts are opening with in person instruction; parents are reporting a sense of familiarity with […]

All Aboard the Train of Thought

Max Brooks interviews and highlights the work of Damen Fletcher, CEO of Train of Thought, an organization that focuses on increasing access to chess education. Train of Thought introduces students of all ages – especially in marginalized communities – to chess as a means to foment leadership and critical thinking skills. With an emphasis on character […]

Supporting STEM Scholars

For more than a decade, my job has been inspiring people with data insights and enabling them through technology systems. I love the work I do, the people I work with, and the economic benefits a career in analytics affords me. As a mixed person with Black ancestry, I’m beating the odds. A recent Pew […]

Statement on Recent Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

Proposed legislation to exclude the identities and histories of LGBTQ+ students are emerging across the nation. As our commitment is to every student, every day, we will always support inclusion and advocacy for all students, and specifically those in the LGBTQ+ community. Legislators: we call on you to respond to the needs of all the […]

It’s Black History Month. Sigh.

February is here, so the Black History Month ornaments are everywhere. Company statements on websites affirming their commitment to celebrating Black history. The Black History Month assignments where students have to select an inspiring Black person from “the list” and do “the report,” the best of which get read at “the program.” The endless name-checking […]

Still Living in “The Other America”

Seeking to write something poignant about him as we celebrate the King holiday always pales in comparison to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s own eloquent words and clear-eyed analysis of the state of racial injustice in America. And though his words were written over fifty years ago, the fact that they are still relevant — […]

Critical Race Theory Isn’t the Problem

Critical race theory (CRT), which has been around for decades, has become a catch-all for ideas, movements, curricula, teaching styles, and ideological stances, most of which are misaligned to the theory itself. Many of the things dumped into the CRT bucket don’t fit with its definition — a theoretical construct of the systemic nature of […]