Dear Walkie

Educators from across the country have questions on equity; CT3 associates have answers in the Dear Walkie podcast series.

Educators constantly face a wide variety of questions. Students stump us with strange non sequiturs, sticky scenarios and sorrowful situations. Puzzled parents probe persistently. Admins are always asking the answerless. (Please keep reading, I promise this is a serious article!)

But the most difficult questions an educator faces are the ones they ask themselves. Am I doing enough? How do I support students facing enormous difficulties in a sensitive way? What do my students need to see and hear to know that I’m in their corner?

Of course, vexing questions are not exclusive to educators. Countless people look for advice from columnists, radio show hosts and a variety of other influencers. The amount of existing advice is practically endless and attempts to address topics from bizarre to heartwarming. But we know that not all advice is equally valuable. Finding quality advice for dealing with issues as important as educational equity is essential.

So to provide a quality place for accessible advice, we are excited to share a mini-series of podcast episodes for anti-racist educators. We call the series “Dear Walkie” and we are confident you will find the information valuable. CT3 Associates Chris Cantu and Jackie Surratt, both veteran teachers and school leaders, answer difficult questions about racial equity and empowering all students to succeed.

We hope you enjoy, and check back over the next few days as we share the remaining episode in the series. Let us know in the comments if there are questions you would like answered!


Episode 1 of Dear Walkie
Episode 2 of Dear Walkie
Episode 3 of Dear Walkie

Dear Walkie was introduced as part of CT3 CARES Month 2021. To learn more about the Community Against Racist Education in Schools (CARES), visit our CARES page.

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