Evolution: “Management or Die” is a Thing of the Past

Classroom Management For What? Compliance is NOT the goal When it started, CT3 Education (then, the Center for Transformative Teacher Training) partnered with districts, schools, and organizations across the nation, with a focus on improving classroom management. All of our work was rooted in the No-Nonsense Nurturer® Four Step Model, an approach to engaging students […]

Managing online learning fatigue for scholars

This online learning blog series is aimed at helping educators in a time of uncertainty and new challenges. Whether you are managing a virtual classroom daily with synchronous instruction or engaging with asynchronous instruction, supporting students as they balance their time on- and off-the-screen makes a difference in their overall success. What are some tips […]

Feedback for Immediate Impact Part 2

Feedback for Immediate Impact (Part 2) In Part 1, we discussed the transformative nature of leaders delivering in-the-moment feedback to teachers. We even shared some examples of how you might provide this type of efficient and meaningful guidance. In Part 2, we will look at the key components for leaders to consider before they begin […]

Feedback for Immediate Impact Part 1

Feedback for Immediate Impact (Part 1) The Importance of Quality Feedback  One of the most powerful tools a school leader has is the ability to motivate their teachers through high quality feedback. An impactful coaching culture takes shape through thoughtful leader moves, consistent systems, and common language. At CT3 and through Real Time Leadership Coaching (RTLC), […]


I was recently reminded that One. White. Woman. has a lot of power in this country. This reminder came after our team completed a No-Nonsense Nurturer® Workshop in the South and One. White. Woman. set the district into a tizzy. She claimed our training conflicted with their state’s CRT laws, when in fact it does […]

Critical Race Theory Isn’t the Problem

Critical race theory (CRT), which has been around for decades, has become a catch-all for ideas, movements, curricula, teaching styles, and ideological stances, most of which are misaligned to the theory itself. Many of the things dumped into the CRT bucket don’t fit with its definition — a theoretical construct of the systemic nature of […]

Dear Walkie

Educators from across the country have questions on equity; CT3 associates have answers in the Dear Walkie podcast series.

Anti-Racist Read Alouds

I realized that one way I could help my kids address racism in their lives was through exposure to literature and conversation that celebrates diversity and addresses race.

How No-Nonsense Nurturers Leverage Breakout Rooms for Scholar Learning

As No-Nonsense Nurturers, we know the power of scholar discussion and discourse. In the current virtual world, we also understand that many of the platforms we are using offer an opportunity to provide space for structured scholars conversation. In many respects, the way a No-Nonsense Nurturer uses the Think Pair Share strategy can be adapted […]

The Power of the Check for Understanding (CFU)

The No-Nonsense Nurturer pedagogical model was developed over several years by observing highly successful teachers in action, then creating a coaching system to support teachers in adopting these effective strategies in their classrooms. No-Nonsense Nurturer educators change lives because they believe all students deserve a classroom in which students’ voices are heard and their full potential […]