Keep it Coming: Why Constructive Criticism Matters

Recently we have seen discussions about our work emerge online and via social media. What began as singular accounting of our work from one former teacher has evolved into a broader discussion about how best to support teachers. Or, at least, I hope it evolves to that level.

For now, I’m keen on sharing the sentiments I recently shared with a newspaper reporter so that readers of this blog understand why I value constructive criticism. In short, hearing the good and otherwise about our work only makes it better.

Having been a teacher, school principal, and coach, I share a deep sense of commitment to supporting educators and students to be successful, even if others passionately disagree with my approach.

Our programs were developed through careful analysis of high performing teachers’ practices in schools serving traditionally disenfranchised communities across the country; all of our work is rooted in building positive life-altering relationships with youth and their families.

Each of our team members has a proven track record in the classroom and in school leadership positions. We are proud to have helped thousands of educators improve their practice in service of youth. I strongly encourage anyone looking to better understand our company and its work to look at our team on our website.

It’s worth repeating. Look at our team and reflect on the experience and background that they bring. Anyone who takes issue with them is simply not paying attention. We have educators with proven track records that genuinely reflect the diversity and capability of the communities we serve and hold so dear.

We honor every teacher’s right to disagree with our approach and use feedback to reflect on our practices to ensure we are constantly improving as an organization and enhancing the body of work we present to educators. Since we all have a stake in the outcomes, it is important that we maintain a balanced dialogue about how we best serve youth and meet intended outcomes.

I welcome the opportunity to talk further about the specifics of what we do and why we are seeing positive outcomes as a result.

By Dr. Kristyn Klei Borrero, CEO and Co-Founder

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