Teachers Are Learners, Too

It has been in the twilight of my 30-year teaching career that I have received authentic coaching. No-Nonsense Nurturer® (NNN) are designed to hone my instructional instincts. I have three decades of documented high-quality instruction. I have offered professional development to educators in multiple states regarding classroom management. I am the union president in my district of 400+ teachers. I have the distinction of “master teacher.” I say all of that to paint for you a picture of an educator that has had a great track record of success. Combine all of that with the security of a continuing contract (tenure), and there is nothing or no one that could actually force me to engage in the Real Time Teacher Coaching® and NNN model offered by CT3. So why do I agree to participate? Because I am one of the veterans that has a reputation of excellent performance. I have spent years developing the art and craft of teaching. I have 130 amazing 8th graders that count on me to get them ready for high school. I am tired, and if not challenged to keep getting better, I may fall back on poor pedagogical tendencies. With each passing year of hard-hitting, challenging work in an urban school, many speculate if I will have what it takes to bring my students to success yet another year.

So, I put the “bug” in my ear and take the coaching that is necessary to challenge me. The voice in my ear gives me short cues – small tweaks – that don’t change my practice but improve it. I am grateful for the coaching that is available for teachers who want to embrace the research-proven practices for the sake of their students. Teachers, please consider yourself as a learner first—your instructional practices have to evolve with the culture in order to authentically lead your students to success. Every institution evolves to meet the needs of their clients. Schools are not different.

I’m a better instructor because of the transformational training that I received from the CT3 team, and my students are more engaged. I am excited about teachers who are willing to transform their craft and receive the coaching that will take their students from good to great.

by Gretchen Tash, Union President and Teacher,
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