Richard Frank, Ed.D.

Associate, Program Lead

Richard Frank is a transformational coach with over 25 years of experience in education. He has collaborated with hundreds of educators in multiple states, schools, and districts, in roles as varied as teacher, trainer, mentor, coach, and consultant.
Throughout his career, Richard has demonstrated a commitment to deconstructing the personal and structural behaviors, systems, and policies that lead to school-wide inequities, while building replacements to create improved and equitable educational experiences and outcomes for every student. A passionate advocate for transforming the quality and culture of education for youth, especially those from traditionally disenfranchised communities, his efforts focus primarily on developing mindsets and implementing practices necessary to transform educational spaces into culturally responsive environments that maximize student success.
Richard received his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from Vanderbilt University, Masters in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University, and Bachelors of Arts in Political Economy from Tulane University.  He coaches and consults nationally, but is based in Nashville where he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring outdoors, and obsessing over his vinyl records and other music interests.

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