Whitney E. Knight

Director of Business Development

Whitney is a passionate and strategic educator driven by purpose and outcomes. She has centered her career around the advancement of schools and communities of color and the dismantling of systems of inequity. Whitney started out as an Industrial Engineer for UPS, Coca-Cola, and Xerox. During these experiences, it became incredibly apparent to her that there were not enough people of color in STEM. To change this she became a math and engineering teacher at King College Preparatory High School in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

In 2014, Whitney joined Teach For America as the Manager of Chicago Partnerships and went on to become the Director of School Leadership. Whitney was able to elevate the individual and collective leadership of aspiring and current school leaders throughout Pre-K-12 district, charter, & private schools in the region. In 2019, Whitney became a Real Time Teacher Coach at CICS Longwood High School and was trained by CT3. She produced incredible results in math and science for students through the development of other teacher leaders. Whitney was quickly promoted to the Director of Instruction and was able to extend her impact across the Longwood school community.

Whitney holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Spelman College and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from The University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, Whitney is pursuing a second Master of Science in Educational Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Whitney lives by the quote, “Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God.”