Willies About the Walkie

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Dear Walkie

I’m going into my first year at a new school. I heard that Real Time Teacher Coaching will be a support at my school, but I’m uncomfortable even thinking about this idea. The thought of having someone talking in my ear is overwhelming. I’m also worried about what my students will think or say when they see the walkie-talkies and coaching. What advice do you have? 


Got the Willies About the Walkie 

Dear Got the Willies About the Walkie

It is perfectly normal to be a bit nervous about entering your first Real Time Teacher Coaching cycle. Teacher preparation programs typically don’t engage in this type of practice, so trying it for the first time can be intimidating. Fear not: you will love Real Time Teacher Coaching. 

Your coach won’t be giving you a constant stream of feedback in your ear. Real Time Teacher Coaches give one to two-word cues about every minute to support you in achieving 100% engagement. The more you do it, the more comfortable it feels.

Your kids WILL notice that coaching is happening in your classroom! It’s important for you to explain what is happening. Let them know that newscasters, actors, athletes, and doctors all receive real time feedback to make them better in the moment. Because your job as a teacher is so important, you, too, will be getting real-time feedback to maximize student learning. 

Your first coaching cycle can have a transformational impact on you and your students, so lean into the discomfort — that’s where learning happens. 


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