The Country’s Best Coaches: Zonya Hicks in Brooklyn, NY

At CT3, we are fortunate to be able to meet and work closely with educators all over the country. We often find that the Real Time Teacher Coaches we train often hold different roles besides just “coach”. They’re not just No-Nonsense Nurturers, or skilled Real Time Teacher Coaches, but they’re also experts in a variety of subjects in their buildings to help better serve their students. Many are masters of lesson planning or teacher evaluations. Some are even Union representatives! Many are teacher leaders or school leaders that juggle both positions. We’re bringing recognition to many of the coaches we work with in schools across the country through our new blog series: “The Country’s Best Coaches”.

This week we want to recognize Zonya Hicks, Real Time Teacher Coach and Dean of School Culture at Achievement First Brownsville Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY. Achievement First operates a network of 32 public charter schools in New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford, CT, Brooklyn, NY, and Providence, Rhode Island.

How did you get selected as a Real Time Teacher Coach?

My primary role at Achievement First Brownsville is to provide teachers with coaching. When I was informed that I would be trained by CT3, I was excited! This is probably the most actionable and supportive form of coaching that I’ve received in the nearly 20 years I’ve been doing this work.

What has your experience as a Real Time Teacher Coach taught you about yourself?

This experience really helped me to be more intentional about this work. It has taught me to always connect the work to the bigger picture.z

What other duties do you have at your school? What do you feel you’re a ‘master’ in?

My primary role here at AF Brownsville is to Real Time Teacher Coach. My area of expertise is in cultivating strong school culture.

Can you tell us a story of student or teacher success you attribute to No-Nonsense Nurturer® or Real Time Teacher Coaching®?

Absolutely! So many stories to choose from. At AF Brownsville, we have found RTTC to be the thing that has had the greatest impact in our classrooms. We have actually been able to turn around all three of our third grade classrooms through the use of RTTC. On average our teachers are moving from less than 60% Time on Task to over 90% Time on Task within 2-3 coaching cycles.

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