What the 2020 election decision means for CT3

A majority of Americans have elected a new administration. We have a new president-elect and our first ever Black, Asian-American, female vice president-elect. Some say, “Now we can relax.” CT3 thinks that we can neither relax nor take our foot off of the gas pedal.

It remains to be seen what a Biden/Harris administration means for education, our industry, our partners, our organization, or our scholars and their families. We hope that it means many of the difficulties of the last four years — reduced education spending; increased racial and economic polarization; disrespectful statements about and murderous actions toward Black and Brown people with the presumed support of the highest office in the land — are behind us. We hope that the outcome of this election means we can operate in more complete alignment with national leadership that shares the values we espouse. We hope that it means a clearer path to opportunities and resources that have long been denied to our students.

Whatever we hope it means, here is what we know we must do at CT3. We must continue to:

  • Question and deconstruct racism and oppression in all of its forms and help our partners learn how to build replacements.
  • Build our anti-racism muscle, so that anti-racism is woven through everything we do.
  • Use the power of our voices and our platform to offer a better way to educate students who have been placed at risk, and students for whom success is not often presented as an option.
  • Fight for humanity, opportunity, access, and more for our scholars.

We must also do some new things. We must:

  • Expand our role on the local, national, and international stage as advocates for policies and practices that support our students, their families, and their educators.
  • Increase our presence on social media and in the thought arena, adding our perspective on issues important to the success of the students, families, and educators we serve.
  • Identify partners with whom we can align our work, our perspective, and our voices to amplify the impact we can have on students across the nation

We have a new administration. Now let’s get to work.

When you think about the next four years, what challenges come to mind for you in our work? What opportunities do you see for moving past those challenges? To what actions can you commit, alongside the team here at CT3? Please share in the comments below.

By Nataki Gregory, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer, CT3
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