30 Seconds to Success: Boost Classroom Engagement with Positive Narration

Teacher positive narration

30 Seconds to Success: Boost Classroom Engagement Want to create a sense of belonging in your classroom for every student, every day? Want a strategy that won’t require any more of your already limited time? Positive narration, simply noticing aloud the positive actions and behaviors of your students, ensures students are seen and acknowledged.    […]

Maximizing ESSER Funds: Empowering Educators and Sustaining Student Success Beyond 2025

Education funding uses

Maximizing ESSER Funds With less than seven months remaining until January 28, 2025, the countdown to the expiration of federal aid through the Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund has begun. This impending deadline looms over school districts, threatening the loss of crucial funding intended to support students in their recovery from pandemic-induced learning loss. […]

AIC Feedback

Teacher feedback

Providing feedback to adults can feel daunting. Some of us may not know how to begin or might run out of time. However, these concerns shouldn’t hinder us from delivering valuable feedback. Constructive feedback is essential for educators’ growth. It empowers them to reflect on their practice and enhance student outcomes. Despite any reservations, we […]

Accountability Practices During Independent Work Time

Classroom group work

A 5th-grade teacher has just started small group instruction in the back of the classroom. He has set the expectation that the remainder of the class is to work in groups of 3-4 to collaboratively develop a solution to two math tasks. As he ushers those in his small group through work that is specific […]

Evolution: “Management or Die” is a Thing of the Past

Classroom Management For What? Compliance is NOT the goal When it started, CT3 Education (then, the Center for Transformative Teacher Training) partnered with districts, schools, and organizations across the nation, with a focus on improving classroom management. All of our work was rooted in the No-Nonsense Nurturer® Four Step Model, an approach to engaging students […]