Living History Makers: Ethel Lett, Teacher

Every day, educators are making history through their selfless service to our communities. CT3 Education and ASCD are recognizing some of these educators through Living History profiles to share their great work and powerful impact. This February, Black History Month, we highlight Black educators who are making history.

We spoke with Ethel Lett, Principal, Tri-Cities High School, Fulton County Schools.

What is your “Why” for working in education?

I enjoy working with students and helping them see the value of education and determining ways they can leave their imprint on society. I was inspired to teach because another teacher inspired me in the same way.

What do you hope for the future of education? How do you work to contribute to that future?

My hope is that students will excel on all levels — academically, socially, and emotionally. I contribute to that future by supporting students and ensuring that they have access to high quality teaching and learning and that they are supported within and outside the school.

What is the best piece of coaching you’ve ever received?

To lead with vulnerability! When people see you as human, they can identify with you and respect you, and are therefore more willing to respond favorably to your leadership.

Ethel Lett, principalWhat is a personal, non-work passion of yours?

I enjoy reading books and joining conversations — podcasts and reading groups — to discuss the books.

What or who should we be reading, watching, or listening to right now?

I read Brené Brown, Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, and John Maxwell.

Thank you for sharing your living history, Ethel. You’re an inspiration!

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