Real Time Teacher Coaching: Pedagogical Strategies

A strategic partnership with CT3 leads to transformative results.

Build stronger relationships with their students

Our team of experts has codified the best practices and research on 20 high-leverage pedagogical strategies which, when matched with Real Time Teacher Coaching, supports school leaders and teachers at every step. We’ve interwoven these research-based strategies within our No-Nonsense Nurturer model to ensure that teachers implementing these strategies in their classrooms will be able to do so in a culturally relevant way that ultimately helps them build stronger relationships with their students.

Create an environment where all students thrive using pedagogical strategies

Our strategies are organized into suites that incorporate all aspects of and build on the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. We begin with the No-Nonsense Nurturer Foundations Suite, which includes the No-Nonsense Nurturer Four-Step Model, Do Nows and Exit Tickets, and Think Pair Share. As teachers become proficient in these initial strategies, they are better able to layer in additional strategies, creating a transformational, engaged learning environment where all students thrive.

Access to online courses that will strengthen your knowledge

Coaches will receive a materials pack with resource booklets for each strategy to share with their teachers and in-person training and video support from our trainers to develop their own practice. Coaches and teachers also receive access to 60-to-90 minute online courses on each strategy to strengthen their knowledge, which includes video examples and interviews of real teachers.

See how each of our strategies aligns to the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model.

No-Nonsense Nurturer Strategy Suites


  • No-Nonsense Nurturer Four-Step Model
  • 60 Second Check-Ins
  • Think Pair Share

Suite 2.0

  • Focused Instruction
  • Cold Call and Wait Time with No Opt Out
  • Maximizing Independent Learning
  • Do Nows and Exit Tickets
  • Small-Group Instruction

Suite 3.0

  • Anchor Charts
  • Collaborative Groups
  • Socratic Discussion
  • Break It Down
  • Name the Steps
  • Everybody Writes

Suite 4.0

  • Stretch It
  • Choral and Movement Response
  • Workstations/Centers
  • Sampling Independent Work
  • 1:1 Conferring and Assessing
  • Guided Note-Taking

Hear from educators who put these pedagogical strategies to work.

Ms. Schultz


Charlotte, NC

“I used to sit in workshops and come back with these great ideas, but it wouldn't work when I tried to implement in my classroom on my own. I’m really quick to just give up and say, “I’m done with this.” But with Real Time Teacher Coaching, I’m up there doing it. It’s not like someone is coming in and modeling; it’s me with my kids and you see the power of it working because you’re up there and you’re in charge.”

Mr. Hoover


Cleveland, OH

“We've noticed the discernible difference in the level of rigor in our classrooms since we started using these pedagogical strategies. We've noticed better alignment with learning objectives. We have gotten much better at assessing student mastery, and we've noticed that our lesson plans become much tighter as we're really focusing on the gradual release of responsibility to students.”

Ms. McMahon

Multi-Classroom Leader

Charlotte, NC

“The pedagogical strategies have impacted the rigor in the classroom, because our teachers are saying that our kids are capable of so much. They can handle the rich content, they can handle the difficult questions and they can handle things that are above grade level if we are teaching them explicitly and giving them the strategies to do that.”
Learn how Real Time Teacher Coaching can transform the practice of your teachers and coaches.