SEL Book List: Teacher and School Leader

Excerpt reposted from Glose for Education blog, originally posted October 8, 2020.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) within the school is primarily associated with student enrichment and development, however, we know that SEL opportunities benefit more learners when both professional and personal experiences are extended to all stakeholders, especially teacher and school leaders.

To contribute to our school-based stakeholders Social and Emotional Learning focus, Glose for Education has compiled an aligned  “Social and Emotional Learner Reading List” comprising titles of high quality and appropriately complex texts that provide content-enriched reading experiences for all levels of learners, from middle school on up to adult teachers and school leaders.

In our first blog of this 2-part series, we focused on providing SEL texts for student learners.  In this blog, texts for teacher and school leaders’ professional development, as well as literature for personal enrichment are categorized under CASEL’S five SEL competencies, and available in your Glose for Education bookstore.

Read through the titles and select which ones you want to begin reading, then let us continue the conversation by letting us know what you think! Check out our SEL reading list for students.


Every Student, Every Day by Kristyn Klei Borrero • October 25, 2018  Solution Tree Press

No-Nonsense Nurturers are educators who build life-altering relationships with students, set high expectations for students, and hold themselves and their students accountable for achievement. Every Student, Every Day shares the lessons, mindsets, beliefs, strategies, and classroom expectations these high-performing teachers use daily to optimally support the needs of every student they serve.

By Samantha Reichard, an education content advisor for Glose for Education. Samantha serves as an educator in residence, offering expertise and insight into product development, service offerings, and market positioning.

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