Technology Tools to Gather Data for Do Nows and Exit Tickets

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In the ever-evolving landscape of education, technology has become an invaluable ally for teachers seeking to enhance engagement and interactivity in the classroom. This blog post explores the advantages of using four tech tools – Quizziz, Pear Deck, NearPod, and Go Formative – when implementing Do Nows, Exit Tickets, and interactive lessons. By incorporating these tools into your teaching toolkit, you can transform traditional classroom activities into dynamic, participatory experiences.

  1.     Quizziz for Interactive Lessons: Quizziz is a game-based learning platform that turns assessments into engaging experiences. By using Quizziz for Do Nows or interactive lessons, you can create quizzes that adapt to the pace of each student, providing immediate feedback. The competitive and gamified nature of Quizziz motivates learners, making the beginning of your lessons an exciting and interactive experience. Additionally, the platform’s analytics help you track individual and class progress, allowing for targeted intervention based on real-time data.
  2.     Pear Deck for Dynamic Presentations: Pear Deck transforms traditional presentations into interactive and collaborative experiences. With Pear Deck, you can add interactive questions, polls, and discussions to your slides. This tool is particularly effective for Do Nows, allowing you to gauge student understanding right from the start. Moreover, the interactive features keep students actively involved, ensuring that the classroom remains a dynamic learning environment. Pear Deck also facilitates real-time feedback, enabling you to address misconceptions and adjust your teaching accordingly.
  3.     NearPod for Immersive Learning: NearPod takes lessons to the next level by transforming them into immersive and interactive experiences. This tool allows you to create lessons with embedded quizzes, polls, and collaborative activities. Implementing NearPod for Do Nows and Exit Tickets ensures that students are actively participating and engaging with the content. The platform’s ability to synchronize student responses in real-time provides valuable insights, allowing you to adapt your instruction to meet the needs of individual learners.
  4.     Goformative for Formative Assessment: goformative is a versatile tool that facilitates formative assessment through a variety of question types, including open-ended responses, multiple-choice questions, and more. Using Go Formative for Do Nows and Exit Tickets allows you to gauge student comprehension and gather feedback on the effectiveness of your lesson. The platform’s real-time data and analytics assist in identifying areas of strength and weakness, enabling you to tailor future lessons to address specific learning needs.

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Utilizing Multiple Tools for Comprehensive Engagement: While each tool has its unique strengths, combining Quizziz, Pear Deck, NearPod, and Go Formative allows for a comprehensive and varied approach to engagement. Incorporating a mix of interactive assessments, dynamic presentations, and immersive learning experiences keeps students on their toes and caters to diverse learning styles. This multi-tool approach fosters a dynamic and interactive classroom environment throughout the entire lesson.

Incorporating technology into Do Nows, Exit Tickets, and interactive lessons can revolutionize the way educators engage with their students. The use of Quizziz, Pear Deck, NearPod, and Goformative provides a multifaceted approach to promoting active participation, real-time feedback, and a dynamic learning experience. By leveraging these tech tools, teachers can create a classroom environment that is not only tech-savvy but also highly engaging and conducive to student success.

By: Jonnecia Alford, CT3 Associate

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